London, the year 1886: a city at the centre of the world. Look around and you’ll see familiar districts such as Mayfair and Whitechapel, as well as famous landmarks like the Palace of Westminster, the Crystal Palace, Big Ben and the London Underground.

But look a little closer – this is not quite the Victorian London you learned about in school. New advances in technology have been brought about by an accelerated Industrial Revolution and a centuries-old conflict between mankind and a fearsome enemy: the half-breeds.

Giant airships patrol the capital’s skies and electric trains traverse the city on elevated tracks high above the busy streets. And watching over it all is a secretive fellowship of royal knights known as The Order…



An expert tracker and hunter, whose instincts and combat skills are legendary. Jaded and numb to the violence he witnesses day to day, Galahad is world-weary, but maintains a calm, professional demeanour. He is Malory’s protégé and mentor to Isabeau.



A natural leader and long-standing member of The Order, Malory feels the ends justify the means when it comes to the knights’ ongoing struggle against the half-breeds.



A promising young knight, hoping to find her place within The Order.



A knight apprentice, who allows his passions to guide his decision making, for better or for worse.



An inventor of weapons and equipment for The Order, his technological genius is starting to shift the balance of power in favour of humanity in the war against the half-breeds.


The half-breeds are the ancient scourge of The Order. Intelligent and powerfully violent creatures, the half-breeds grow significantly stronger as they age.

In battle, half-breeds have been known to seemingly absorb round after round with little sign of damage. The knights of The Order know that they must aim for the head or upper body and make every shot count, preferably with heavy munitions, to overcome this formidable foe.

Once wounded, the best way to dispatch a downed half-breed is with sharpened steel.


1. Cross hairs
2. Loaded ammo
3. Reserve ammo
4. Blacksight meter
5. Blackwater

left stick Move
right stick Camera
S button Traverse
F button Reload
D button Interact/melee
A button Cover
Q button Blacksight
W button Aim
B button Accelerate
E button Alt fire
R button Fire
N button Directive
touch pad Camera bias
C directional button Smoke grenade
V directional button Frag grenade
Z directional button Secondary weapon
X directional button Primary weapon


You can customise certain controls via the Settings menu. Flip the direction you push the right stick to look up and down and left and right, or switch the aim + fire controls between the Q + E buttons and the W + R buttons.

The Move and Camera controls can be swapped between the left and right sticks. You can also adjust how quickly Galahad turns during normal play, when aiming and when using a scoped weapon, and set the camera bias to look over his left or right shoulder.


When near ammunition or a weapon, press and hold the D button to pick it up.

You can hold one primary weapon and one secondary weapon (a pistol). Picking up a new weapon will cause you to drop your old weapon.


Look out for small black and white indicators – these let you know that there is an object nearby with which you can interact, using the button prompt given on-screen.


If a red X icon appears on-screen, there is a threat nearby. Push the left stick away from the threat and press the S button quickly to dodge!


Carefully approach enemies from behind and press the D button at the optimum moment for a clean kill. When the D icon is displayed, press the D button when the outer circle shrinks to match the inner circle.


Press the A button to enter cover. Once shielded, you can use the left stick to peek over or around the edges of your cover.

While in cover, use the left stick to navigate along the cover for protected movement.

Push the left stick left or right and press the A button to transfer to nearby cover.

Push the left stick up and press the S button to hop over cover.

Press the S button or back away to exit cover.

While pushing the left stick forward toward the edge of cover, press and hold the B button to quickly sprint forward out of cover.

While pushing the left stick forward toward the edge of cover, press and hold the A button to slip around the corner while staying in cover.

Blackwater is the mysterious substance that courses through the veins of every knight of The Order. It extends their lives and also grants them a heightened focus known as “Blacksight”.


When Blackwater is available, Galahad will enter a downed state after taking critical damage. During this state, use the left stick to crawl behind cover. When the D icon is displayed, press the D button to drink Blackwater and return to the fight.

Immediately after drinking Blackwater, press the S button as quickly as possible to regain additional Blacksight. Taking critical damage when Blackwater is not available will result in immediate death.


When in a compromising situation, Galahad has Blacksight at his disposal. Press the Q button to draw his secondary weapon (if ammo is available) and enter a heighted state of awareness. While in this mode, switch between enemies with the right stick and fire by pressing the R button. As you use Blacksight, the meter in the lower right corner of the screen will decrease. When the meter runs out, you will exit Blacksight automatically. The meter can be replenished by defeating enemies during normal combat and you can exit Blacksight early by tapping the Q button.


An assault rifle capable of generating a concussive force that blasts both adversaries and nearby objects. The closer the enemy is, the more stunned and disorientated they will become.


Aiming by pressing the W button with this weapon will enter a scoped view. To toggle the magnification level of the scope while aiming, press the N button. You can also hold your breath for increased accuracy while aiming by pressing and holding the B button.


Press the R button to disperse a cloud of aluminium iron oxide grit across a large area of coverage. This will not directly hurt your enemies. Press the E button to launch a superheated flare, which ignites the cloud of grit on contact, raining molten metal on your foes. This weapon is particularly impactful against groups of enemies – and even those ducking behind cover.


To fire the Arc Lance, press and hold the R button to charge the weapon. Once a charge is built, release the R button to create a crackling surge of electricity that will automatically arc to your target.


A dependable, destructive fragmentation explosive that brings almost-certain death to those caught at its epicentre, and stuns those lucky enough to be on the detonation’s fringes. The Mills Mk IV can be “cooked”: once the pin is pulled, keep the R button compressed, then release and throw the grenade just before it explodes to reduce an enemy’s chances of survival.


This remote explosive can be stuck to a surface, then detonated via radio transmission with a press of the E button.


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