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Welcome to Track Lab – a game all about creating music in an intuitive way. Place music Samples and light-altering Optics into Grid cells to see and hear your music come together in front of you.

Features 96 puzzles/Tracks and four moods to choose from that each have a different musical feel. Each mood focuses on a different set of Optics so you can learn and improve your skills using them.

When starting Evolver mode, first choose which category of mood you feel like playing (Relax, Exotic, Energetic or Epic) and the level of difficulty you want the puzzles to be – Intro for Easy/Medium and Mastery for Hard.

TIP: Unlock Medium and Mastery levels by completing the respective Easy levels.

Grab a track

Select the mood and difficulty by grabbing one of the highlighted cubes (Tracks), and Evolver mode will start when you place your cube into the Track Edit Station.

Solve puzzles

Solve the puzzles to progress in the game – the goal is to hit the Finish/End Optic each time.


Once you solve a puzzle, the Grid will close automatically and the Track will unlock on the Track Edit Station so that you can grab it.

If you pick up the Track, the DJ-Booth will appear and you can place the Track on to one of the Track Stations. You can then use the DJ-Booth to mix different solved Tracks together and apply Sound Effects.

You will also be able to access Solved Tracks from the Track Library in Creation mode.


Now it’s time to show off your skills and create your own Tracks in Creation mode to share with the world. Your only limit is your own creativity! Mastering the tools and musical instruments available is your gateway to becoming a Track Lab legend.

Unlike in Evolver mode, in Creation mode you can create and edit Tracks, pick and place Samples and Optics as you want, customize and save the Tracks using the Track Library and mix everything together using the DJ-Booth.

In this mode, you have the entire Track Lab toolset at your disposal:

Play/mix multiple Tracks simultaneously and apply Sound Effects using the FX-Orbs.

Creation Desk
You can access the Creation Desk while editing a Track to place any Optic/Sample you want and browse Sample Packs. Each Sample Pack represents a musical style e.g. Techno, Ambient, Hip hop, Dubstep, Metal.

The Grid is your canvas – each Grid cell can hold an Optic, Sample or both. Use the scroll bar to navigate large areas with ease to create bigger and more intricate compositions.

Track Library

DJ Booth

If you’re in Creation mode and not editing a Track, the DJ-Booth will be visible and you can press the D button to open the Track Library. Here you’ll find your Saved Tracks, Solved Tracks from Evolver mode and Example Tracks to inspire you and help get you started.


Save a Track when you’re holding it, by placing it into an empty Track Library Grid cell.

Saved Tracks are always available in the Track Library. Grab a Saved Track to load up a copy of it, leaving the original still in the Library. You can then edit the copy of the Track and save it as a new Track.

Release a Track inside an existing file to replace it.

Delete, Move and Customize
Press the D button while the Track Library is open to bring up the Track-Customization mode and edit your Library. The Tracks in the Library will start wobbling, indicating that you can now interact with them.

If you grab a Track in Track-Customization mode, it will lift the entire Track from the Library, not just a copy of it. You can then delete it, move it to another Grid cell in the Library or customize the Track.

Release the Track into the Customize Station to apply different options to it (Colour, Icon, Text1, Text2) and make it easier to recognize Tracks and organize your Track Library.


Here are a few tips and tricks from the game’s developers at Little Chicken Game Company to help you on your way to becoming a Track Lab pro.

  • Start with the Tutorial to learn the basics then unleash your creativity in Creation mode.
  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Tackle some Evolver puzzles to try out different styles and Optics you’ll need in Creation mode.
  • Not sure where to start with a blank Grid? Every new Track already has a loop. Just place some Samples in the path of the Pulse and watch your beat take shape.
  • If you ever need some inspiration, open the Track Library and look for Example Tracks. You can play, mix or edit them and go from there.
  • Want to feel like a real DJ? Use the Volume Sliders, Cross-fader and FX-Matrix to remix your Tracks live.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, try some of the more experimental Sample Packs. Different sounds can spark some surprising new Tracks.
  • All Optics change the way Pulses behave and sometimes they can yield very interesting results. Split up a Pulse, speed it up, bounce it around, go crazy!
  • Playing Evolver mode and like what you’re hearing? Once you complete an Evolver puzzle, you’ll unlock the complete song in the Track Library to play around with in Creation mode.
  • Want to keep your beats in sync? The Grid has different coloured columns and rows – use these to time your Samples to the beat.


If you ever get stuck in the game and need a little help, just look at your controller and a “Help” question mark will appear.

Press the T button and tooltips will pop out to help you, related to what you are currently holding or your current stage in the game.


Accelerator: An Optic that can change the speed of a Pulse
Arpeggiator: Sound-FX name
Blocker: An Optic that blocks a Pulse and stops Samples that the Pulse started playing
Composition: All Tracks currently playing
Corner Mirror: An Optic that changes the direction of a Pulse by 90 degrees
Creation: Track Lab mode where you are free to create however you want
Cross-fader: Used to control and mix the volume between two Tracks
Cube Mirror: An Optic that sends a Pulse in the opposite direction
DJ-Booth: Where you mix your Tracks
Edit Station: Place a Track on the Edit Station to edit it and open the Grid
Energetic: Puzzle category in Evolver mode
Epic: Puzzle category in Evolver mode
Evolver: Track Lab puzzle mode
Exotic: Puzzle category in Evolver mode
FX-Matrix: Available in the DJ-Booth. Apply audio effects by placing FX-Orbs on the FX-Matrix
Gate: An Optic that blocks or lets through Pulses depending on the direction it is hit in, and opens or closes when hit by a Pulse on a certain side
Grid: Area where the player can create Tracks with Optics and Samples, opened when editing a Track
Highpass/Lowpass: Sound-FX name
Instrument: Holds Samples
Kit: Holds Instruments
Mix Station: Plays a Track when a Track is placed on the Record Player
Optic: Place an Optic into the Grid to alter the Pulse direction
Pack: Holds Kits
Pulse: Follows the points inside the Grid and triggers Samples. The Pulse path is determined using Optics
Relax: Puzzle category in Evolver mode
Reverb: Sound-FX name
Sample: Holds audio sound
Sample browser: Main selection panel where the user can select Samples, available when the Grid is opened
Sound-FX: Applies an audio effect to Tracks when used on the FX-Matrix
Spawner: An Optic that spawns a new Pulse
Splitter: An Optic that splits a Pulse and sends out new Pulses in the direction of its arrows
Stutter: Sound-FX name
Toggle Mirror: An Optic that changes the direction of a Pulse by 90 degrees, alternates to the opposite direction when next hit by a Pulse and keeps alternating between the two directions each time
Track: Music creation containing Optics and Samples
Volume Slider: Vertical slider under the Mix Station that changes the volume of the Track playing in the Mix Station

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