Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Tips

Keep getting outgunned by your enemies? Not sure when to unleash mysticals and sidekicks? Choose from the sections above for some tips.

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Mastering movement is an essential part of upping your game in the Uncharted 4 multiplayer. Here are some tips for staying on the move, getting into a good position and keeping the enemy guessing.


The combat roll A is a tried-and-tested method of avoiding gunfire – using it liberally is going to save your skin on plenty of occasions.

Grappling rope

Latch onto a point when the Q prompt appears to quickly outflank enemies and get to higher ground.


Press A to “hug” a piece of cover, it’ll make you harder to hit and you can peek around corners and wait to ambush enemies.


High ground is a great advantage in a firefight – tap the S button to climb up surfaces. Tap the A button to descend one ledge at a time or hold the A button to drop down several ledges.

Try using some of these tactics in your next firefight.

Shoulder switch

While aiming, you can switch the shoulder you’re firing your weapon from using the S button – this can give you a better angle on an enemy in cover.


Two boosters, Marking and Mark on Damage, highlight your enemies so you and your teammates can track their movements – it’s also an easy way to earn cash.

Kick to KO

Conserve your ammo by using your melee attack – F button – to KO downed enemies.

Hip fire

In close quarters, aiming can often slow you down. Try firing from the hip by pressing the R button without aiming first.

Blind fire from cover

You’re not going to win any medals for accuracy, but blind firing while in cover is a great way for keeping enemies pinned down and distracted.

Charged melee KO

Hold the Q button to charge your melee attack and unleash an instant (and silent) KO on an enemy.

Hanging KO

If an enemy is standing on a ledge directly above you, press the F button when the prompt appears for an instant KO.

You might be a rope-swinging, gun-slinging, one-person-army, but sometimes facing superior numbers makes victory impossible. Reviving your teammates when they’re downed gives you some extra cash, and more importantly gives your enemy something else to shoot besides you. Who knows, perhaps your allies will return the favour if YOU end up in the dirt?

How to Revive

Hold the D button near a downed teammate to begin reviving them. Once you’ve begun reviving you can still move, so try to stay in cover. Several players reviving the same teammate will get them upright faster.


Throw these at a Downed ally with the E button to start the Revive process without having to stick around and supervise. You can Revive multiple teammates if they’re close together. Upgrade RevivePaks to carry more and improve their abilities and cooldown time.

Cintamani Stones

These powerful Mysticals instantly revive teammates at 50% health, and can be upgraded to bring them back with full life.


  • Everybody loves a team player, but getting yourself killed doesn’t help anyone. Evaluate the risks before rushing to a teammate’s aid. Where possible, stay in cover so they can come to you.
  • Allies who are being revived are still vulnerable to being KO’d (a RevivePak is great, but it doesn’t beat a grenade).
  • Use a RevivePak rather than Cintamani Stones to heal an ally trapped in the Wrath of El Dorado’s radius. Immediately reviving with the Cintamani Stone risks them being downed again by El Dorado (it’s got plenty of wrath to go around).
  • Would you believe that some people are despicable enough to use downed players as bait?

Actions you perform in Uncharted 4 multiplayer will earn you cash – you’ll also notice a minor but steady drip of money over time. That in-game currency is vital to your success, as you’ll need it to buy in-game weapons, upgrades and a few more exotic items. More bucks for you equals more BANG for your enemies.

Earning it

Every thief knows that cash is important. It’s worth more than just keeping score – it also allows you to buy gear, upgrades, Sidekicks and Mystical power-ups.

  • Earn cash for: assists, downing and KO-ing players, getting hits/revives with Mysticals, reviving teammates and sidekick actions.
  • Treasures appear on the map from the beginning of a match and are worth good bank, so make snagging them a priority (but be aware that others will be doing the same).
  • Boosters can increase the amount of cash you earn from various actions.

Spending it

Cash is a means to victory, not an end in itself. Money earned in a match doesn’t carry over to the next, so remember to spend it!

  • Open the in-game store with the right side of the touch pad button and use the directional buttons to select an item to purchase.
  • It’s best to do this when you’re waiting to respawn (where possible); opening the store during play leaves you exposed.
  • Mysticals become more expensive with each purchase, so use them wisely – you might not be able to afford another.

What to buy – Gear and Upgrades

Even in the midst of a murderous mystical melee, never underestimate the effectiveness of well-tuned gear or a carefully placed explosive.

Heavy Weapons
RPGs, grenade launchers, hand cannons etc. These weapons can down enemies in a flash, but ammo is in short supply.

Upgrades for gear
Improve your mines, grenades, RevivePaks, smoke bombs and C4. It’s good to do this early in the match so you can get the maximum benefit.

What to buy – Mysticals

Sorcerous artefacts that can turn the tide of battle with their exotic effects. Expensive and single use only – so keep them in your pocket until the critical moment.

Spirit of the Djinn
The Djinn-dash speed boost is great for flanking groups of enemies or getting out of trouble. You cannot take cover while it is engaged, so move fast and decisively.

Cintamani Stone
Immediately revives downed allies within a circular radius. The basic version of the Stone returns allies at half health – upgrade it to bring them back 100% fighting fit.

Wrath of El Dorado
This terrible totem throws out spectres that seek out and damage nearby enemies. Spectres travel in all directions – including through walls – so this Mystical is great for flushing targets out of cover.

Staff of Ayar Manco
Plunge the Staff into the dirt to send out pulses that show the location of enemies on the radar. Any opponents dropped while the Staff’s powers are active will earn you an assist and some extra cash.

Indra’s Eternity
Throw to create a circular field that slows enemy movement. Ideal for creating chokepoints, bunching enemies together for explosive kills or providing a slower-moving target for grappling hook takedowns.

What to buy – Sidekicks

When used at the right time, sidekicks can make a big difference to a match. They’re very good at what they do, but each is really only suited to their specialised role, so try to deploy them with purpose or they’ll be quickly picked off by the opposition.

Strength: getting the enemy’s attention (the minigun helps with that…), dealing huge damage to enemies in the open.
Weakness: slow movement, tends to attract fire (again, blame the minigun).

Strength: can effectively close down corridors of movement for enemies.
Weakness: prefers to stay put, so easily isolated.

Strength: provides revives and supplies to keep you and your teammates in the game.
Weakness: only carries a pistol, so not great in a fight – they just want to help people.

Strength: relentlessly tracks enemies and pins them in place so your team can finish them off.
Weakness: distinct lack of self-preservation – Hunters only care about pinning their target, not minor details like taking cover or getting shot.

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