Discover a mysterious kingdom through the eyes of a young boy – Monroe – as he pursues a swan that springs to life from one of his mother’s unfinished paintings.

Take Monroe on a wondrous journey to reveal, chapter by chapter, just how the kingdom became so peculiar, dazzling and dormant.

Throw globs of paint to uncover new areas as you attempt to find out why you’re there and where you’re going.

There are four chapters in the tale of The Unfinished Swan™ – each more intriguing than the last.


One: The Garden

When the king was deciding what colour to paint his garden, he simply couldn’t find one good enough – so he painted it entirely white.

Reveal a path through the garden by throwing paint to find out where you’re going.

Tip: Follow the golden footprints of the swan.

Two: The Unfinished Empire

Following protests by his subjects, the king decides to fill in some shadows and shading in his now-abandoned kingdom. Water is your friend here – use it to find your way through the city.

Tip: Look out for the red paddles to help open new doors.

Three: Night-time

The dark of night has set in but your journey must continue – despite a few creepy-crawlies who lie in the shadows. Use the lights to guide your way through.

Tip: Stay out of the dark when there are creepy-crawlies about.

Four: The King’s Dream

Here you’ll get a look into how this whole world came about – an insight into the curious realm you’ve explored.

Throw paint Q, W, E or R buttons
Jump S button
Move left stick
Look right stick
Pause OPTIONS button

Toys (once unlocked)

Collect balloons throughout the game and use them to unlock toys from the main menu or the pause menu.

Stop time for balls C button
Clean canvas V button
Pick up blueprint boxes F button
Hose W button + R button or touch pad + W button
or touch pad + R button
Sniper rifle D button

Check out the teaser trailer for The Unfinished Swan™ and see what you’ve got in store for your next PlayStation® adventure:

Go behind the scenes to find out how the music and sound was put together to complement the game experience in The Unfinished Swan™:

Never look back

If you’re stuck, try looking for hidden or unconventional paths in the current area. You’ll never need to backtrack to previous areas.

Hunt for balloons

Keep an eye out for colourful balloons while you’re wandering around the kingdom. Hit them with a paintball to collect them – then use them to buy toys in the pause menu. The toys you buy will let you have a little bit of extra fun while you’re on your journey.

Get the Balloon Radar early

Find every balloon to get a couple of secret treats. To help you along with this, buy the Balloon Radar from the toy menu early on. It’ll tell you how close you are to secret balloons that are trickier to find.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

You have unlimited resources and there’s no progress lost if you die. Experiment, look around and follow your instincts. When it’s not immediately obvious what to do, keep trying. You may succeed with your second or third guess.

Look for the king’s letters

Discover more about the world of The Unfinished Swan™ by looking out for the king’s letters. As you explore, you’ll find storybook pages that are marked with a single capital letter. Throw paint at them to reveal them, and you’ll get some insight into the curious life of the king.

Keep an ear to the ground

Listen to the environment around you, it might lead you to new creatures or details that you may have missed.

As you wander through the world of The Unfinished Swan™ you’ll find balloons scattered about the place. Some are trickier than others to find so keep your eyes peeled.

When you spot a balloon, throw some paint to collect it, then use them to buy any of the following toys from the main menu or the pause menu:

Stop Time for Balls (1 balloon)

Pauses balls in mid-air. Useful for throwing dozens of balls at once to make a giant mess. Activate by pressing the C button.

Balloon Radar (3 balloons)

A radar that lights up when you get close to a balloon.

Unlock Chapters (3 balloons)

Opens up all the chapters of the game.

Clean Canvas (5 balloons)

Erases paint splats and anything else you’ve created. Activate by pressing the V button.

Concept Art (10 balloons)

You can learn more about the game’s art direction by unlocking these early sketches and models. Check them out in the Chapters menu.

Pick up Blueprint Boxes (10 balloons)

Create blueprint boxes to help you reach places that are difficult to get to – activate by pressing F then move them around or simply hurl them into the air to see what happens.

Hose (30 balloons)

Fires a steady stream of paintballs. Activate by holding the W button and R button simultaneously, or by using the touch pad and the W button or R button.

Sniper Rifle (All balloons unlocked)

Fires balls with deadly accuracy (not really). Actually, it fires balls in a straight line. Sometimes. Activate by pressing the D button.

??? (All balloons unlocked)

A super secret bonus item.

??? (Finished the game)

A super secret bonus item.

There are 10 trophies to be nabbed in The Unfinished Swan™ – here are a few to get you in the mood for Monroe’s adventure.

Gold GOLD: Balloonist – release all balloons.
Silver SILVER: Page Turner – reveal every storybook in the game.
Bronze BRONZE: Spaceman – launch a blueprint box 30 metres high.