So, you’re the new pilot everyone keeps talking about.

Then welcome to what promises to be a wild and explosive season of anti-gravity combat racing.

Excitement levels are bursting past fever pitch as frenzied fans across the planet tune in and cheer on their favourite teams to glory.

Reflexes, courage and skill will be pushed to the absolute limit as rookie pilots and battle-hardened veterans go head-to-head – flying 46 unique, top-of-the-line anti-gravity ships across 26 totally intense circuits.

Got what it takes? Then choose your racing destiny…


Shatter the sound barrier across eight challenges:

  • Single Race: A winner-takes-all showdown. Weapons optional.
  • Tournament: Progress through an increasingly difficult competition.
  • Speed Lap: How fast is too fast? Not fast enough. Ignore the brakes.
  • Time Trial: The clock is your enemy, show it no mercy.
  • Eliminator: Forget finishing first, this is all about weapons. Blast away.
  • Zone Battle: Go fast, faster and even faster again to reach each target.
  • Detonator: Destroy mines and bombs to survive as long as possible.


Compete in a series of single player events designed to test your skills with a variety of objectives. Reaching the set target will unlock more challenges and rewards. You will also improve as a pilot and gain vital experience.

The campaigns are separated into challenges across WipEout HD Fury and WipEout 2048.


Relive the birth of anti-gravity racing with ships that are fitted with unique tech:

  • Speed ships: The fastest of the ship classes, but with poor shields and weak firepower. They can’t pick up the Quake and Bomb power-ups due to their smaller figure.
  • Fighter ships: Excel in firepower and have tough shields, but at the cost of speed and handling.
  • Agility ships: Easier to handle than any other ship class, but are not particularly fast. They can’t pick up Bombs.
  • Prototype ships: You can only fly these by completing “Prototype Challenges” that become available during your career.

Race modes: Single Race, Campaign, Time Trial, Speed Lap, Combat (Eliminator in WipEout HD Fury), Zone and Tournament.


This is one for the more seasoned pilot. Tweak and customise your own races as you unlock tracks and ships during your WipEout career. Choose your own combination of circuit, race type and speed class and set the level of difficulty or customise your own gruelling tournament for up to 12 races.


Experts, pundits and television celebrities are lining up, desperate to share their predictions for the upcoming anti-gravity racing season.

Racing heavyweights FEISAR are big favourites with a number of leading bookmakers due to their exceptional handling, coupled with solid thrust power.

And a lot of experts are backing Pirhana this term – especially if the pilots can master some of the fastest ships ever seen in the history of the anti-gravity racing league.

Or, will the established hierarchy be rocked by two returning challengers, Tigron and Van Über?



The brainchild of former world champion: Wolfgang Van-Über, the team rose to prominence in the early years of anti-gravity racing famed for crafting ships with superior handling, agility and thrust.

Wolfgang, now an aging commander-in-chief, had a few words to say on the return.

“It is an honour and a privilege to be able to cast my eyes over the winding tracks and finely tuned edges of the incredible feats of human engineering that enabled AG flight. I hope that our return brings back the purity of the sport that has been sorely missing.”


To fly for team Van-Über, get the WipEout Omega Collection Digital Edition from PlayStation®Store. Buy it HERE.



The return of Tigron has divided fans across the world with some heralding its return as an injection of “excitement” back into the race. Others are unhappy, however, with the team’s shady history and criminal connections.

Known for its sheer brute force design philosophy, the team were resented by other competitors for using overtly aggressive tactics to gain victory.

A spokesman from Tigron Enterprises said: “It’s time to give the fans that sense of danger they always wanted. We’re back and ready to destroy anyone who stands in our way!”


Want to try out for team Tigron? Read up on the team HERE.

Flight school

Steer: left stick
Accelerate: S button
Left airbrake: W button
Right airbrake: R button
Fire weapon/Use pickup: F button
Absorb pickup: A button
Look back: E button
Change view: D button
Skip music track: touch pad button
Pause game: OPTIONS button

You can customise the controls however you want to suit your own flying style.

Take a look at the TOP TIPS section for some handy info on how to pull off special, eye-catching manoeuvres on the circuits.

Weapons and abilities

You’ll have a lot to contend with out on the high-pressure circuits.

Fortunately for you, some former team captains have shared their gems of wisdom about the basic weapons and abilities you’re likely to encounter.


  • Proton cannons: A 30-round load of powerful proton shells.
  • Rockets: Unguided projectiles, effective at close range.
  • Missile: Take a wild shot, or take your time and lock-on to moving targets.
  • Leech beam: Steal energy from rival ships to boost your shields.
  • Quake: Launches a massive fiery wave of destruction all along the track.
  • Plasma: A charged dark ball of energy that can cause utter carnage.
  • Mines: Dropped to cause massive damage to the unfortunate pilot crashing into them.


  • Shield: A protective energy shield briefly negating damage dealt by rival pilots.
  • Autopilot: Sit back and let the on-board computer do the flying for a while.
  • Absorb ability: Boost shields or repair your ship with any unwanted ability.
  • Turbo: Gives your ship a temporary boost in speed.

top tips

You may have proven your abilities in testing arenas, but this does little to prepare you for just how fast and ferocious anti-gravity racing can be. Here are some pointers:

When you find a ship that suits you, try to stick with it. The more you race with your ship, the more experience you get – this will help you immensely in the later stages of your career.

This could really help you get through deadly corners. Make good use of it. No pilot is an expert right out of the warp gate.

When making the enviable choice of which hovering embodiment of speed to select, you can use the left stick to rotate the vehicle.

The path to your destination need not always be a straight line. Go through test runs of the tracks whenever you can, learning the routes and, more importantly, the shortcuts. They may seem inconsequential given the speed at which you will operate; however a few seconds are often the difference between victory and defeat.


When used correctly, these special manoeuvres will be a huge advantage… and can get you out of tough situations.

Barrel roll: This can give you a useful speed boost. When coming off a large jump move the left stick: left, right, left; or: right, left, right.

Side shift: A valuable tool to evade mines deployed by your rivals, or to avoid sharp corners. Double tap the W button or the R button to shift left or right.

Airbrakes: Deceleration should be used sparingly, so you don’t lose too much speed. Press the W or R buttons to brake left and right.


Take on friends and rival racers in highly competitive multiplayer modes.

Test your mettle in 2-player offline split screen showdowns, or in 8-player online races.


Earn badges on a race by race basis. For example, eliminate the most players in a race and you will receive the Destroyer Badge – while the Most Aggressive Badge will be awarded for causing the most damage to other pilots.

There are many badges to earn, so see how many you can get.


Rise up through the online ranks from the lowly Trainee to the lofty heights of the fabled Immortal.

Ranking points are awarded for competing in any online race, with extra points based on finishing positions, speed class and the rank of your opponents.

If you bail during a race, you’ll forfeit your points – and will also lose online rank points.


Unarmed and invincible, ships in this event are built for speed alone.

Face off against rival racers in a rapid speed Time Trial. You get one turbo boost per lap – make it count.


Fly against friends and rivals in exciting online multiplayer matches – only with PlayStation®Plus. You’ll also get two PS4™ games to download each month and exclusive discounts from PlayStation®Store.

Not a member? You can join here.

There are 35 Trophies up for grabs in WipEout™ Omega Collection.

Here are some hints to get you started on the way to the precious Platinum.

Gold Mach 1.5: Reach Zone 65 in any Zone Event
Silver Connected 2: Win 10 online races
Bronze Double Kill: Eliminate at least two opponents in any race

Sound of speed

Stream the iconic sounds of WipEout™ direct to your ears.

Liven up your daily chores, commutes or study periods with two blistering soundtracks, available on Spotify with PlayStation®Music.

You can find the Spotify app on your PlayStation®4 home screen.


High speeds need high volume. Celebrate the history of WipeEout™ with a playlist taken from and inspired by the PlayStation® classic.

  • Includes The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, The Prodigy, Kraftwerk and Underworld.


Plug into the sounds of WipEout™ with the epic electronic beats of WipEout™ Omega Collection.

  • Includes Swedish House Mafia, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and DJ Kentaro.

We’ve delved into the archives to find some of the most stunning concept art created during the game’s development, from the starting grid to the finishing line.

Take a look at a couple of examples below.

Concept art 2

To enjoy and own even more concept art, download the WipEout Omega Collection from PlayStation®Store, which includes a Digital Art Book.

Buy it HERE.

Calling all FEISAR fans and followers of the world-famous Anti-Gravity Racing League.

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