Want to be Champion of the Wildlands? Then you’ll need history’s mightiest Warriors.

Use blue Honour Stones to open the Temple of Epics and summon new Warriors. You’ll receive more Honour Stones when you win battles.


The more Warriors you summon, the more Honour Stones you’ll need to open the Temple. You’ll only ever receive a Warrior at random who you don’t already own.

Warrior Unlock


There are 32 different Warriors plus 8 Skull Army Warriors. Skull Army Warriors can’t be unlocked at the Temple – you unlock them by defeating them in battle instead.


Crixus The Roman Gladiator
Furio The Florentine Knight
Kuro The Midnight Ninja
Ping The Tang Dynasty Princess
Hannibal The Carthaginian General
Sakuma The Lone Samurai
LeRoc The Knight Hospitaller
Brutus The Roman Soldier
Abu The Mamluk Warrior Slave
Naro The Siamese Warrior
Boudica The Iceni Warrior Queen
Pelion The Spartan Warrior
Zuma The Jaguar Warrior
Ivan The Rus Bogatyr
Boris The Kievan Knight
Gunnar The Viking Raider
Aka The Zande Warrior
Shaka The Zulu Warrior
Lance The Knight Templar
Kukan The Mayan Warrior
Wang The Han Warrior
Blaine The Gaelic Kern
Osgood The Saxon Destroyer
Zengis The Mongol Warrior
Ram The Egyptian Warrior
Leon The Brawling Gaul
Kasim The Ottoman Warrior
Agoolik The Inuit Warrior
Kofi The Benin Bodyguard
Gunther The Brutal Burgundian
Clovis The Frankish Warrior

Skull Army Warriors

Hatshep The Long Gone Princess


Ded-Fang of the Wolfguard
Keelok The Steel Sentinel
Raze The Firesquad Phantom
Bludbeard The Blazing Battler


There are four types of Warrior: Common, Rare, Super Rare and Legendary. The rarer a Warrior, the higher their initial level.
If you’re lucky enough to get a Legendary Warrior you’ll see how tough they are straight away – but don’t neglect your lower level fighters! Low level Warriors can unlock useful skills and combos as they improve, becoming tougher and more versatile.


Each of your Warriors aligns to one of the four elements: fire, water, earth or air. Fire and water are opposites, as are earth and air. Using an elemental attack – like a special move or your Elemental Rage – on a Warrior of the opposite element will do more damage.

Diagram of elements

Elemental Rage
Every time a Warrior performs a successful hit, his elemental pool fills up a bit. Blocked hits also increase the elemental pool but not as much. Once the pool is full, it starts to shine, and you can activate Elemental Rage by pressing the V button. When it is activated, it adds elemental damage to physical damage for a short time.

Earth Elemental


All Warriors have Special Moves that can be activated when they have three Mana globes. Press the A button to use your Warrior’s Special Move.



As your Warriors level up they will unlock skills to improve their fighting. Skills give a bonus to the Warrior and can be used any number of times.
Skills come in four categories: Defensive, Offensive, Speed or Agile, and each Warrior has three skill slots they can fill.

Town Map menu page


  • Tutorial: Learn the basic actions of the game.
  • Quick Combat: Fight with up to three other local players.


  • Take part in different fights and challenges on your quest to become the champion of World of Warriors. You can choose to play with a friend in local co-op.


  • Quick Combat: Up to four online players can fight with each other (it can be two players per PlayStation®4 console).
  • League: Up to four online players can fight (it can be two players per PlayStation®4 console).


  • Unlock new Warriors here.


  • View each Warrior’s level, combos and skills information; craft potions and talismans and equip them.


  • Change the FX volume, Music volume or Vibration settings of the game.


In Training Mode, you can fight in friendly matches with up to three other local players using any unlocked Warrior.
Use this mode to practise different combat styles with your Warriors and level them up, so they’ll be better when fighting in Online Combat. You can also replay the Tutorial here if you ever need a refresher on any of the actions in-game.

training offline


You need to have at least two Warriors unlocked to play in the Tournament. There are seven territories to conquer, and after you unlock one you can also select it in the Quick Combat Training mode.


When you enter a territory, you can navigate around the map to select a Combat, Challenge or Final Boss fight.

1) Combat: These are regular fights against other Warriors. Each Combat has three possible fights to choose from.


2) Challenge: These are matches with specific rules. Each territory has its own Challenge with its own objectives to complete.


3) Final Boss: In order to conquer certain territories, you must fight against a couple of final bosses.



To play online, you need to reach the Tutorial that unlocks Online Combat and have at least two Warriors.
Each match works as a 2vs2 fight, with each of the four players controlling a Warrior. First you need to search for opponents and then when everyone is ready and has selected a Warrior – it’s time to fight!
You can play the League single player or with a friend. Your friend can be a local player who plays in your League and helps you to win your fights, or an online player who plays with you – and both of you are taking part in your own Leagues on your own consoles.

There are ten Divisions, each with its own level of difficulty and rewards. When you first enter the League, you start in the first Division (Division Common II) and try to keep being promoted until you reach the top Division (Diamond I).

You have to complete ten fights in each Division, and each group of ten fights is called a Season. Depending on how many fights you win at the end of a Season, you will be promoted, relegated or stay in the same Division. There is no time limit for when you have to complete the ten fights – you can play whenever you want!


Match making
The game will try to match players with a similar level so you get a fair fight. When you enter a Division, you are automatically given the level of that Division, and it doesn’t take into account your previous levels. So if you repeat a Division, you go back to the level of that Division.


These are normal online matches where up to four players can play no matter what their League stats are.
The team who wins the most rounds or loses the least amount of health, taking into account the number of times Warriors have been revived, are the winners.

The only way to survive in the Wildlands… is to fight! Here are some tips to help you keep your feet and knock your enemies off theirs.

  • Watch your stamina! Running out of it will leave you puffing, panting… and defenceless.
  • Parrying is high reward, but high risk. Work on mastering blocking first.
  • Combos can be interrupted if a blow is blocked. Be on the lookout for openings, and don’t overcommit to a combo if your opponent blocks your strike.
  • Rolling is the most effective way of getting out of trouble, but can burn through your stamina.
  • Wait for your opportunities in “all vs all” battles. It’s every Warrior for him/herself – so let your opponents soften each other up before you go wading in.
  • Even a high level Warrior can get flattened by a rampaging mammoth. Explore each arena in Training Mode to discover how to unleash their devastating environmental attacks.
  • Your Elemental Rage is more effective against Warriors of the opposite element… but it can always help you out in a pinch. Don’t forget to use it!
  • Fit your Talismans to a Warrior’s strengths and weaknesses. Quick but frail? Try a defence-boosting Talisman. Fighting a Warrior with an opposing elemental alignment? Try a Talisman that improves your resistance.

Want to make your Warrior’s life a little easier? Visit the Foundry in the town to craft and equip Talismans and Potions. As your overall level rises you’ll be able to craft new and better items, so check back in at the Foundry every time you level up.



Talismans are items you can assign to your Warriors to improve their stats. They can do anything from increasing attack power to boosting the amount of life recovered when eating on the battlefield. Some Talismans raise certain stats but reduce others – think hard about whether the increase is worth it.

There are three categories of Talisman: Trinket, Charm and Amulet, each with a different effectiveness and number of uses.

Mirror Amulet


Potions are single-use concoctions that will help you out while you’re fighting. Gulp one down to recover Health, Stamina or Mana for special attacks. Potions come in levels of Full, Half or Low effectiveness.



Press the F button in the Foundry to open the Crafting menu. Once you’re in, press the F button to cycle between Talismans and Potions.
To craft items you’ll need materials – natural stuff for Potions, metallic ores for Talismans. You’ll receive materials as rewards for battling and also find them inside chests on the field.
To create a Charm or Amulet Talisman, you need to use a Talisman of the class below and of the same type as a material. So, to craft a Charm Talisman you need the set amount of Gold, Silver and Copper plus a Trinket Talisman, and to craft an Amulet Talisman you need the required amount of metal plus a Charm Talisman.


Each Warrior has a potential three slots for Talismans. Low-level Warriors may only have one or none – level them up to unlock more slots.

Once a Talisman is assigned to a Warrior, its effect will last as long as it is equipped. The Talisman can be removed and assigned to another Warrior at any time, but Talismans can only be used for a certain number of fights. As soon as you reach the maximum number of uses, the Talisman breaks and disappears from your inventory.

You can only carry one Potion at a time, so choose wisely.

Warriors can test their strength in eight arenas, each with its own obstacles and dangers.


Features a rotating totem that shoots fire in the centre of the arena.



Whirlpools appear around the river, just to make battles a little more difficult.

Heroic Hills


The Titan will try to hit Warriors with his anchor, but you can use the ship to your advantage.

The Sea Of Night


The magic tree will give help to the team that is first to hit the orbs.

Midnight Forest


There are two huge statues in the arena – warriors who invoke the statue of their colour will gain a huge advantage in combat.

Sandalus Desert


Battle on a descending platform.

The Bone Woods


If you hit the Totems in the right order, you can ride a mammoth.

White Wastes


Fight on a rotating floor.

Volcano Canyon

You will find chests in each arena that contain different items.

  • Chicken thighs – to regenerate life.
  • Mana – to increase Mana.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold ingots – to make Talismans.
  • Pure Water, Almonds and Toad Thrones – to make Potions.

Crafting items

Here’s how to control your Warrior in battle:

Move left stick
Circle target/strafe right stick
Sprint Q button (hold)
Parry E button (tap)
Block E button (hold)
Use potion C directional button
Elemental Rage V directional button
Taunt Z directional button
Heavy attack D button (tap)
Charged attack D button (hold)
Light attack F button
Sprint attack Q button (hold) + F/D buttons
Special move A button
Dodge/recover S button
Lock on to target N button
Scoreboard touch pad button
Pause/Main menu OPTIONS button

There are 31 trophies to unlock in the game – can you collect them all and prove you are the most skilled of Warriors?



Make fun of your opponent and taunt him 3 times in a match.


Expert Trainer

Level-up one Warrior to level 50.


Complete Army

Unlock ALL the Warriors.


Master of Masters

Obtain all the Trophies.

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