driveclub vr

The roar of the engines… the screech of the tyres… the scream of the crowds…

Jump into the hot seat of the most powerful and exciting super cars on the planet.

Every reflex will be tested and every skill pushed to the limit.

Get ready to tear across open roads, whip around sharp corners and storm through mazy chicanes.


driveclub vr

The interactive opening experience eases you into the high-octane action lying ahead.

Take your time, get used to the cockpit and the VR game world around you.

And when you’re ready, you’ll be entered into a Tour event.

See THE TOUR section for more info on your single player career mode.


Every car is recreated to an incredible level of detail.

And you can get up close and personal with each one.

Press the F button when prompted to jump to different viewpoints.

Check out every line of the spectacular livery designs, the intricate grooves of the tyres and the plush interiors.


Enjoy a rapid white-knuckle ride from the comfort of the passenger seat.

During a Time Trial event, select View Ghost − it’s not as spooky as it sounds.

You’ll then get a perfect view of how your rivals set their fastest lap times.


If you played DRIVECLUB™ on PlayStation®4, you should know that your saved game data will not carry over to DRIVECLUB™ VR.

So any content you unlocked, Tour events and Challenges you completed, and DLC you downloaded won’t be available.

Also, any Clubs you created or joined won’t exist… which is a good thing if you were stuck with a bunch of no-hopers anyway.

driveclub vr

Can you build a crack team of expert drivers to dominate the racing scene?

Whether you’re a powerful owner or team player, there are perks to racing in a club:

  • Enter more Races, special Challenges and Events.
  • Gain more Fame points – everything you do in Multiplayer, Tour, Challenges and Single Events boosts your Club’s Fame.

See the FAME & COMPETITION section for more info.


Choose Create Club to set up your dream squad of speed demons.

As the Club owner, you choose:

  • Team name: obviously, it has to be super awesome – but keep it clean.
  • Team colours: choose from a combo of colours and finishes. It can be as minimal or eye-achingly bad as you want.
  • Team logo: pick from loads of designs and colours, and where the logo will be displayed.

So, now you have a club, you’ll need some teammates – invite your friends or go looking for new recruits.


If you’re not part of a club, you are a Free Agent.

Choose Browse Clubs to look through all active teams – and to see if they’ll let you join the ranks.

If things don’t work out, you can always quit and look for a new Club to join.

driveclub vr

Buckle up for a thrilling single player racing career!

Drive across the world against computer-controlled rivals in lots of different Events, like:

  • Races.
  • Time Trials.
  • Drifts.

If you’re good enough, you’ll get the chance to compete in National Championships.


Each Event has objectives to play for − completing them earns you Stars.

Earning Stars unlocks even more Events. Objectives include:

  • Finish in a specific position.
  • Smash a lap time.
  • Reach top speeds.

The default difficultly is set to Gold Level. You can make life easier by switching to Silver Level – press the R button on the Tour screen.

driveclub vr

Create or enter challenging Events in the Drive section.


Hone your skills and earn Fame points by setting up one-off Events:

  • RACE: head-to-head contests over a set number of laps.
  • TIME TRIAL: who can set the fastest time for a lap or a point-to-point rush?
  • DRIFT: drifting around corners looks so cool when done properly.
  • SPRINT: hit the gas on very short and focused tracks.


Represent your Club in challenging online multiplayer showdowns.

Enter upcoming Races and Time Trials in the Event Browser − or create a private session with friends.

  • TEAM RACE: two teams go wheel-to-wheel, scoring points by beating other drivers.
  • TEAM TIME TRIAL: compete in real time with other drivers on the same track.
driveclub vr

Your driving career is all about earning Fame (experience points).

Fame increases your Driver Level and Club Level – unlocking new cars and customisations.

When you’re in a Club, Fame earned by each member adds to the Club Fame tally.

As the Club Level increases, you’ll unlock special bonuses.


driveclub vr

  • WIN EVENTS: sounds easier than it might be…
  • FACE-OFFS: mini-contests set by any driver − like speed targets and drift challenges.
  • OVERDRIVES: unique targets like overtaking and avoiding collisions.
  • ACCOLADES: special milestones, like completing your 50th Event.


Shattered lap times? Set record drifting scores?

Issue a Challenge to friends and other drivers to see if anyone can beat your efforts.

Challenges can be sent from your Event History or after taking part in an Event.

Steer left stick
Accelerate R button
Brake/Reverse W button
Handbrake A button
Change view E button
Gear up D button
Gear down F button
Use KERS (when driving specific cars) S button
Use DRS (when driving specific cars) Q button
Reset to track touch pad button
Pause game OPTIONS button
Reset VR position OPTIONS button (hold)

You can make any of your own changes in the Settings menu.

driveclub vr


Every car has been immaculately recreated from its real-world design.


driveclub vr

Traditional hatchbacks upgraded for excellent sporting performance.


driveclub vr

Road spec cars with a sporty edge; extremely capable in the right hands.


driveclub vr

Powerful and dynamic high-level sports cars that excel on both road and track.


driveclub vr

Looks good, handles great and performs brilliantly; the perfect balance.


driveclub vr

Ultra-high-end rare and exotic beauties – highly sought after.



Based on real roads and regions, each location is packed with different tests.


driveclub vr

Wide roads and spacious freeways demand a solid mix of open racing and snappy manoeuvres.


driveclub vr

Rapid racers will love the fast, open corners that wind around the picturesque setting.


driveclub vr

Wide, dust-filled tracks push the skills of the most experienced racers.


driveclub vr

Blaze a trail of beautiful cherry blossom leaves as you test your speed and agility on breath-taking roads.


driveclub vr

Power through the twisting roads underneath the splendour of the Northern Lights.


driveclub vr

Unpredictable winding mountain roads welcome drivers with quick reflexes.

There are 28 trophies for you to chase down, including the coveted Platinum – here are 3 to get you started:

Gold WHEN THIS BABY HITS… Complete the 88MPH Face-Off in the Tour.
Silver GNOME ME GNOME YOU Stop and look at the gnome in Japan.
Bronze JUMPMAN Collide with 10 roadside barrier barrels.

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